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Every detail matters. August 22, 2019

Helping families build their dream home is a responsibility we take seriously. From the minute we first meet you to the moment you first set foot in your brand new home, we know that every little detail matters.

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Life as you imagine. August 22, 2019

Building a custom home is more than just design and construction. A home is a reflection of your mind and spirit -- of what you want your life to be.

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The creative process comes from the architect and design team, to you and your project manager. The greatest expressions of creativity come from collaboration, combined with an iterative design process, to bring about a final product that is truly one of a kind.

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Our Homebuilding Process

STEP 1 Planning & Design August 22, 2019

The first step is the design and plans. We will walk you through designing your very own unique home to suit your specific needs.

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STEP 2 Preparing the Home Site August 22, 2019

The process of preparing the home site is very important. This process can be as simple as clearing a field to extensive drainage preparation and engineering work. We will walk you through this process and ensure that your new home will be situated properly on your home site.

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STEP 3 Footing & Foundation August 22, 2019

We know that each and every home we build will need to last for generations and having a home built on a solid foundation is the first step in making sure your home will last as long as possible. We take extra care to ensure the foundation is poured thick enough, meets all codes, has proper drainage and will be a solid foundation.

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STEP 4 Framing & Wood Work August 22, 2019

In order to ensure that our homes last we use the best lumber available. Our framers have years and years of experience with building and understand what it takes to build quality lasting homes. We use two x sixes where many framers will simple use two by fours. We understand the difference in the quality.

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STEP 5 Rough Plumbing & Electrical August 22, 2019

We use only the best electrical and plumbing contractors in the area. We stand behind our contractors. We meet and or exceed all code required for safety by the local municipalities. We understand that a home owner building a luxury home expects the latest and greatest home grades and advancements in their home. From total home automation to instant heat and radiant floor.

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STEP 6 Sheet-rock, Mud & Tape August 22, 2019

If you have ever seen a home that has been sheetrocked by a amateur you understand the importance of perfection with this category. We use only the best in the industry and demand perfection of our crews. In our custom homes we know our joints and seams will continue to look like new for years to come.

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STEP 7 Painting & Finish Work August 22, 2019

The finishing details make all the difference. The painting and finish work is what turns a house into a home. We take great pride in our painters and finish carpenters. We look forward to creating a home that has the look and feel that meets your needs.

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STEP 8 Grading & Landscaping August 22, 2019

There is nothing better then driving up to your brand new home and knowing that the lawn is in, automatic sprinkler system is installed and inspected. We insure that the shrubs and trees are planted and situated to complement the design of the home. We use the best landscape designers available. These designers can work with you to create the yard & garden of your dreams.

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